Category: Polytunnels For Schools

  • Did you know, Courgettes are technically a fruit?

    Courgettes and zucchini are the same. In England they are called courgettes, in the USA and Italy they are called zucchini. We’re eating ours for dinner at school today! Originally posted 2010-07-09 10:36:37.
  • Our Bumper Crop

    From sowing the seed’s to eating our very own grown produce for dinner at school, we have had a FANTASTIC experience. Lots of fun and lots of laughs, especially the funny shaped vegetables we managed to grow…. Originally posted 2010-06-18 16:45:59.
  • Tunnel teaching

    My group this year have really enjoyed the tunnel time, I would recommend a polytunnel for any school. It brings so many subjects to life and allows for excellent interaction and lots of fun development. Go on, get your...